Opening Day at Wolf Creek Ski Area

When my alarm went off at 5AM today I questioned whether it was worth it. Just under four hours later I had my answer: yes, it was. Today Sven Brunso and I made the trek to Wolf Creek Ski Area for opening day – with October 8th setting the new record as the earliest opening ever.  Wolfie was 100% open with natural snow before most resorts have even fired up their snowmaking.

However, in my opinion the real record should be for the for quality and quantity of snow. Good thing I had my super sweet Flylow Magnum Pants and jacket to keep me warm and dry. This storm must have come in wet and heavy and gotten progressively lighter – the base felt super solid but it was light and fluffy on top. Conditions were almost mid-winter good. Not bad for a single 44″ storm…

Sven and I made a few laps in untouched trees before we were able to force ourselves to break out the camera. Even then, there was plenty of pow left to go around. I’ll say it again: I can’t believe the conditions.  This is early October!

Thanks to Wolf Creek for making this happen – it took a lot of work to get the crew together and get this place open with such short notice.  Thanks also to all the people who showed up and contributed to the killer vibe, and to Flylow for the awesome gear. Hopefully there will be many more days like this to come in 2011. Here’s the view from the 4th chair on opening day 2011.

Photos by Sven Brunso & John Trousdale

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One thought on “Opening Day at Wolf Creek Ski Area

  1. For the sake of heart throbs and smiles,
    what is more thrilling than the 1st day,
    and especially when it is barely post summerf!

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