Hosting SEMA & PRI 2013 with PowerAutomedia

This marks the third year I’ve been lucky enough to join forces with PowerAutomedia for video and web coverage of SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) and PRI (Performance Racing Industries) tradeshows. If you’re a car geek, you know what these shows are all about. If not – essentially it’s an all-you-can-eat smorgasbord of automotive awesomeness.

PowerAutomedia covers just about everything with a motor, and over the years we’ve done stories on everything from dynos to draglinks, turbos to torque converters, and carburetors to cupholders. Ok, not cupholders… The shows are always a great opportunity for the motorhead in me to dig in to what’s new in the automotive world.

It’s also a great chance to meet folks within the industry, and to hear about cool projects to promote the high-performance industry for future generations, such as this one:

The automotive world is known for big names and big personalities, and when SEMA comes to town, everyone shows up. While walking the SEMA show, it’s common to see celebrities, pro drivers, and reality show stars checking out the new goodies. I was lucky to catch up with champion short-course offroad racer Casey Currey to chat about his upcoming season, and some of the parts he hopes will put him and his team on top of the podium:

All in all, I hosted over 30 videos during our SEMA and PRI coverage. You can find most of them on PowerAutomedia’s YouTube channel, or dig deeper in one of their awesome publications here.

© 2013 John Trousdale

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