When in doubt, throttle out!

“When in doubt, throttle out” are words of wisdom I first encountered while filming in Texas’ Palo Duro Canyon for national series Ride to Adventure Extreme for the Outdoor Channel a couple years ago. At the time, the phrase was offered as advice keeping one’s vehicle from becoming stuck; the general consensus was that more gas equals less stuck. But mud pits aren’t the only place where folks with lead feet can be found. For years, motor-heads, racers, and automotive enthusiasts have descended upon Las Vegas for SEMA, the world’s largest convention for aftermarket car accessories, modifications, and technology.


I’ve been fortunate enough to work with the crew from Power Automedia for the past few years, and have covered both SEMA and PRI trade shows for the award-winning web publisher. We’ve covered just about every angle of the high-performance motorsports industry from radiators to radial tires, and it’s always a blast to see what’s on the cutting edge. The crew is a blast to work with and it doesn’t hurt that the SEMA trade show is in Las Vegas. Typically on Halloween… let’s just say that the after parties are fun.

On a typical day we film between 10 and 15 interviews – that’s a lot of names to remember, products to talk about, and niche vernacular to master in a hurry. It’s demanding, but it’s a lot of fun too.

I’m looking forward to the next round of SEMA videos this year, followed by the PRI tradeshow in December. Follow @JohnTrousdale62 for behind-the-scenes updates with Power Automedia.

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